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Starter or Healing Earrings

For those with sensitive ears, we recommend titanium earrings for healing piercings from an allergic reaction to other earrings or for newly pierced ears.   Dirinda's 3mm or 4mm unanodized natural titanium post earrings (shown below) are the best earrings to wear during the healing period.  These pure unalloyed titanium earrings are better than surgical steel which is an alloyed metal containing chromium, nickel, molybdenum and iron.  Nickel is the most common cause of metal allergic reactions and the reason most surgical implants are now made with titanium.  We recommend wearing the post earrings for at least a month to allow the piercing to completely heal from an allergic reaction.  For newly pierced ears, these starter earrings should be worn for at least 3 months. 


When my daughter got her ears pierced, it was soon apparent that she was allergic to most earrings -- even earrings labeled hypoallergenic in the stores.  We discovered she could wear titanium earrings and later niobium earrings, but it was very hard to find titanium earrings made in the USA and free of impurities.  Once I found a US manufacturer of the titanium earwires, we started making our own earrings.   I started The Zen Lady in 2006 thinking that there might be others with the same need as my daughter.  Dirinda Patterson contacted me about manufacturing titanium ball post earrings and I am pleased to offer her titanium post earrings.  Dirinda's family business manufactures surgical implants for surgeons and dentists.  She maintains the same strict quality control on her earrings as the surgical implants so the earrings are free from contaminants which are often the cause of allergic reactions.

Some of our customers could not wear the anodized earrings (What is anodized titanium?), french hook style earrings or heavier post earrings until their ears were completely healed.  Even if there is no longer any inflammation, the piercings may not be fully healed.
  My daughter, as well as a few of my customers had to wear the titanium post earrings for 5 to 6 months before finally being able to wear the french hook style earrings which can pull and irritate, if the piercings are not fully healed.  


All titanium earrings available at The Zen Lady are made with unalloyed pure titanium**.  Cheaper "titanium" earrings for sale elsewhere are often made in China and are, at best, made with alloyed titanium and contains other metals which are the source of allergic reactions.

**One exception - I sell one style of surgical titanium alloy ball post earrings for people who want to test for an allergic reaction to the standard surgical titanium alloy before having a surgical or dental implant


We highly recommend first wearing one of the earrings shown below.

3mm Titanium Ball Post Earrings (unanodized)

3mm titanium ball post earrings


4mm Titanium Ball Post Earrings (unanodized)

4mm titanium ball post earrings

Purchase Here


Replacement Titanium Clutches


hypoallergenic titanium clutch

$1.66 per pair

Purchase Here


We have a wide range of other titanium and niobium earrings shown on the Jewelry page once one's piercings are completely healed


Size chart showing 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm ball post earrings for comparison

earrings size chart


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