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Maui Medicinal Maui Medicinal


Wonderful organic herbs grown in Hawaii.  Putting quality in a higher or more important position than quantity.  Taste & feel the difference with Maui Medicinal Herbs.  

Apollo Olive Oil

Apollo Olive Oil

Superb, award winning, organic olive oil


A vast selection of high quality herbs and natural products at discount prices.  Use Coupon Code TAP093 at checkout for $10 off first order of $40 or more and $5 off smaller first order

Wonderful organic hypoallergenic makeup.  Developed by a passionate team dedicated to healthy lifestyles, we use ingredients so pure they are certified by the most prestigious organizations in the world: Ecocert, CosmeBio, Cruelty-free, Vegan*, Gluten-free and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.
The finest for your nest, debuting with vintage-style wall weavings, tapestries, and macrame for garden and home.



Linda Landauer


My colleague, Linda Landauer's website showcasing a wider variety of her titanium earrings as well as her glass creations and other jewelry

Also see Linda's jewelry on 


Badger Balm

Badger Balm




Badger products are super-safe, super-comforting blends of fresh, whole, organic, extra-virgin oils, waxes, exotic butters, herbal extracts & pure essential oils. And nothing else! Badger Balms and Oils contain no chemicals, synthetics, parabens, GMOs or any of the other dubious stuff you’ve read so much about. Just good, wholesome, blends of concentrated goodness. We have also gone Certified Organic! This is the best stuff for you and the ones you love.    

Roger's Bowls

bowls by Roger Landauer 


Gorgeous handcrafted wooden bowls by Roger Landauer made from signature exotic wood    

A non-profit organization helping those with eczema & red skin syndrome    


Putting the public back into public health. A website with a weath of health related information    

Tyler's Knit Creations

Tyler Houston Knit Creations


Tyler makes gorgeous knit creations with high quality yarn.  Please check out her shop  

Meadow Creek Resort 

Meadow Creek Resort 


Meadow Creek Mountain Rustic Resort is located at the foot of the Cherokee National Forest in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. A great place to relax.

Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes Music

A musical duo with a very eclectic sound  

Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand Yarns 

Some of our favorite yarns  

Laura Stark Jewelry Studio 

Beautiful handcrafted jewelry designed by Laura Stark